About us

The founder of the law firm is legal adviser Wawrzyniec Malinowski, who started his practice in 2001 in Kraków. The Partner Company was established in 2010.

The partners of Malinowscy i Wspólnicy. Adwokaci i Radcowie Prawni. Spółka Partnerska are legal adviser Wawrzyniec Malinowski, attorney Jakub Abramowicz, legal adviser Izabela Malinowska, legal adviser Anna Słomak and legal adviser Michał Krygowski.

Our team of lawyers supports clients all over Poland and abroad.  We represent the interests of our clients in common courts and other institutions, provide legal advice, assistance and protection, hoping that the success of our clients is, to some extent, also the fruit of our efforts.

Our law firm provides legal assistance mainly dedicated to entrepreneurs. The division into individual specializations and the selection of lawyers aims to ensure, on the one hand, the greatest possible versatility of the services provided and, on the other hand, a high degree of specialization within the individual departments.

Legal services are provided by departments corresponding to the specializations of the law firm. At the same time, an employee of the law firm is delegated to provide day-to-day service to each of the clients, to keep in contact with the client, to inform them about the current state of affairs and to solve emerging problems.

 All this aims to provide our clients with fast and easy access to specialized legal services.