Wholesale chains

One of the most popular services which our law firm provides is debt recovery services for businesses which conduct wholesale sales of goods, and as a result often encounter the problem of timely payment of liabilities from partners.

In this area, we provide services for businesses which prefer an automated method of the management of this process, yet which also focus not on low cost, but on the high effectiveness of the recovery process.

Our law firm also cooperates with trade credit insurance agencies (HERMES, COFACE) which, as part of their insurance services for wholesale clients, require the client to conduct debt recovery operations at their own cost yet in close cooperation with the insurer.


[2013 -2019] Debt recovery services for a group dealing with the manufacture and wholesale of elements of ventilation and air conditioning.

[2010 – 2013] Debt recovery services for a group dealing with trade in meat products.

[2018 – 2019] Debt recovery for a construction materials wholesaler.