Real estate

The real estate market is one of the fastest growing sectors in Poland, and when compared to the rest of the country, Małopolska sees an enormous number of investments.

Statistically, every fifth transaction that our law firm provides legal services for concerns an investment process which either directly or indirectly involves real estate.

We provide services regarding the search for potential investment properties, due diligence prior to the purchase process, and the process of purchasing real estate itself. Additionally, thanks to our significant experience in the construction sector which gives us a solid knowledge of the everyday realities of the construction process, we can effectively aid in selecting a contractor, entering into a contractual relationship, supervising the construction process, and settling any claims which may arise during execution of a contract.


[2018 – 2019] Comprehensive legal services for a capital group operating in the co-working field (serving a floor space of approximately 10,000 m2).


[2013 – 2019] Legal services for a developer’s group with a European presence.

[2019] Legal services for court and administrative procedures resulting from legal defects in acquired properties (value of contested amount approximately 5 million pln).