International cooperation

Law firm – cross-border service

For many international market users, high availability of qualified specialists, relatively low labor costs, various incentives for investors and geographical locations are available. Starting a business or moving to a Polish support center requires an equal knowledge of local regulations. Our Law Firm helps foreign business entities that want to do business in Poland.

Opening a company in Poland – how do we help foreign entrepreneurs?

When a decision is made to conduct business in Poland, a foreign investor often seeks substantive and professional legal and tax support for the needs of the market. Our Law Firm provides legal services to investors from abroad who are interested in operating activities in Poland.

We offer mainly:

– legal and tax consultancy – assistance in choosing the optimal form of conducting business activity and in conducting operations in Special Economic Zones,
– representing the client before the offices – assistance in formalities related to obtained permits and concessions,
– legal assistance in the purchase or lease of real estate – we represent clients in administrative procedures,
– support in mergers and liquidation of companies with foreign capital and their ongoing service – drafting a contract, statute and minutes of shareholders’ meetings,
– representation of commercial contracts in Poland before courts and offices, including GIODO and UOKiK,
– help with the purchase or reloading of parts, or overall availability – knowledge service and securing transaction transactions from the side of instructions,
– help for entrepreneurs interested in investing in Polish startups – we provide legal and tax support.

Experienced consultancy services before engaging in the implementation of the transaction, we are also available to clients in setting up business, its ongoing operation until the liquidation of the organization.
Our team is also open to Polish clients who intend to use services outside Poland or offer cross-border services and therefore seek professional support.

Cross-border disputes – legal support for operators

Experienced legal assistance for employees in dispute with foreign entities. Cross-border disputes include knowledge of legal conditions to the extent that active applications and operational activities are available. Our help depends on the client’s needs, and most often it consists of:

– conducting negotiations on behalf of the client with his contractor,
– secured claims pursued from suppliers of use,
– obtained permission to secure a bank account,
– pursuing claims for payment on counterparties’ transactions,
– obtaining documents on the basis of which it will be possible to begin enforcement of the debtor’s assets.
Our offer also includes established court courts regarding the consideration of cases and representing our clients before courts.

Cross-border disputes between non-rare business operators. From this dependent entrepreneur intending to cooperate with foreign contractors, we also propose the proposed contracts and preparation of contracts that will fully secure their interests.

Cross-border cases – cooperation with foreign law firms

The specificity of the agreement, the distribution of cross-border forced cooperation between law firms operating in different countries. Using the expert knowledge known to local regulations, you can help entrepreneurs who are looking for opportunities to expand into new markets with comments on dynamic development or a desire to minimize search costs. We work with foreign law firms interested in cooperation with a reliable partner with an established position on the Polish legal services market.

We support substantive knowledge and foreign experience of law firms acquiring proposals for activities related to business in Poland. After learning about the individual situation of the client, we are able to quickly choose the optimal solutions and use a foreign partner. Our team is prepared, conducting even complex cross-border and international affairs, in cases where it is necessary to combine knowledge with various entities, including tax. We settle accounts with our partners on attractive terms.

Why is it worth trusting us?

Both cross-border and international cases require good knowledge of regulations, flexibility and the ability to acquire knowledge. Our Law Firm has been successfully operating on the Polish market for 10 years. During this period, you can call yourself a well-coordinated team of lawyers of many specialties, thanks to which we are able to offer legal services