Our law firm has extensive experience in service for business in the construction sector. As part of these services, we draw up and negotiate agreements for construction works, and conduct pre-litigation and litigation proceedings related to the settlement of payments for construction works agreements, including agreements entered into as part of public procurement or executed on the basis of FIDIC conditions.

We assist in securing the award of contracts for construction works as part of public procurement, and prepare documentation on Terms of Reference as part of public procurement procedures.

Our experience is based on many years of practice in the construction industry including all parties in the construction process and on the very large number of both administrative and court proceedings which we have handled (including in arbitration courts). We provide services both for private and public sector entities.

We have taken part in the development of a model (template) agreement for subcontractors which has been submitted for consultation with the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways.

Thanks to this experience and our detailed knowledge of the specifics of the construction sector, as well as of the mutual relations and expectations occurring between parties, we have successfully resolved disputes arising during construction processes.


[2010-19] Legal services for a capital group (currently the largest developer in Poland).


[2017] Legalisation of the construction process of a property located in Kraków (value of investment approximately 1.5 million pln).